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Coming Up Next at The Featherweight Shop!
by Ashley Fritsche

      January 2021
  • Shop Talk: Special Wednesdays. Highlights from The Featherweight Shop staff sharing Featherweight projects, family recipes, organizational tips, and more! This is our local "chit chat" from around the table. Read Shop Talk here!

  • What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection: Friday, January 8th Read up on our monthly vintage Singer product highlights of our favorite (and hard-to-find) items!
  • Monthly Giveaway: January 29th - 31st . The last weekend of every month, The Featherweight Shop gives away one of our Featherweight Favorites! Stay tuned for more information.
  • Penny Postcard: Special Fridays Penny writes sweet postcards to her grandmother about her darling sewing, baking, and art projects! Read Penny Postcard HERE!