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Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along - Blocks 11 & 12 (Country Crossroads & Crops)
by April Henry

Block 11 & 12 are our featured blocks - Country Crossroads and Crops blocks!  The Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Sew Along with the Featherweight Shop continues.... After laying out all my blocks I noticed that mine are needing a bit more pops of red for balance.  Thus, I decided to incorporate some red 30s prints for the Country Crossroads block.  

But, when it came to constructing my Crops block, I ended up grabbing the little white corner square pieces from the wrong pile creating some assymetrical crops. Can you see my errors?  I decided to keep them and just roll with it!  After all, crops aren't perfectly symmetrical, and it's good to have some errors sometimes to keep us humble, right? 

If you're just now joining us for the monthly Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along, grab your book, some fabric, get it prepared and cut, and let's enjoy some more Featherweight sewing! 

Complete your blocks following along with the pattern, paying attention to a couple of tips in the photos below.  Make sure to press your block seams open (when you can), being careful to be as exact with your cutting and alignments as possible.

Folded Corner Clipper Ruler by Creative Grids

This block was another great one for the Creative Grids Folder Corner Clipper ruler!

Prepare all first corners for easy chain piecing...
Using the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide I can keep sewing!
Prepare and sew the round of second, third and fourth round of corners the same way.
Once you finish the Country Crossroads Block 11, you can begin Block 12, Crops!
Another example of using the folded corner clipper ruler aligned to the top edge of the fabric; it's perfect to match for your 2 1/2" square pieces.  Trim the excess fabric and then use the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide to chain piece your crop half square triangle pieces; the seam allowance is already built into the ruler.


Until the next Featherweight Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Sew Along...

NOTE:  Now that we are in the swing of things and becoming more familiar with Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage quilt block style, next we will continue sewing two blocks.  Thus, we will feature the Block 13 "Egg Basket" AND Block 14 "Farm Fresh Flower".  Have your pieces cut and ready and we will work on these together!