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Featherweight Case Restore Along Part 3: Featherweight Case Inner Hardware Removal
by Featherweight Shop Staff

Welcome back to the Singer Featherweight Case Restore Along! If you are just joining us, you can catch up on Part 2 of the Case Restore Along right HERE! Earlier this year, we crossed paths with Annette on our Singer Featherweight 221 & 222 Facebook Group, showcasing one of her beautiful Featherweight Case Restorations.  She was kind enough to create a very informative journey of her restorative process and we hope you enjoy following along!

In the last installment, Annette showed us how to remove the exterior hardware on the Featherweight case! This month, we are focusing on the interior hardware removal process!

Products Used in Today's Restore Along:

1. Wera Maintenance Screwdriver for prying
2. Wera Motor Screwdriver to remove screws 
3. Small nail punch
4. White vinegar 1 1/2 - 2 Cups
5. Cloth for soaking vinegar
6. X-Acto type precision cutting knife
7. Razor scraper
8. Drill and 1/8” drill bit
9. 12 Flat Phillips bolts with nuts #4-40 ½”
12 Split Rivets (10/16" - 1/2" split rivet depending on depth of wood on case.)
10. Split Rivet Die
11. Hammer

NOTE: Part way through the video, Annette re-drills out the old holes on the Featherweight case. She did this step in order for the new split rivets (or nuts and bolts) to fit properly. The original case rivets were slightly smaller than the new split rivet's size of 1/2" and 10/16" depending on the case's thickness. 




We felt it was important to address this right at the beginning.  Vintage case clasps (and the locks they latch into) are a very scarce commodity in the Singer Featherweight world.  These particular vintage original parts only come available on our website a few times a year and they are gone within nano-seconds because of so many Featherweight owners wanting to replace the part.  Regrettably, there is currently not a suitable replica that is an exact match and obtaining a manufacturer for the original design has proven very difficult.  This is compounded due to the numerous clasp and lock styles that Singer incorporated into the design of the Featherweight 221 as well as the 222 case over the years. The only way, as it currently stands, to obtain replacement parts is to wait until a case is totally unsalvageable and then offer the hardware parts as they come available.  

With an increase in restoring original Featherweight cases, however (whether it be to an original style appearance with tolex or completely personalized with fabric such as the demonstration in this tutorial) demand for the part will increase while supply for vintage original case clasp and latch parts will decrease.  A double-edged sword to be sure, but we wanted to address this question and answer so there would be no surprises as you proceed:

Q:  "Where can I get a clasp or latch for my case?"

A:  We carry the clasp part here, and the case latch/lock here, but they will show as out of stock until we have a fair number to make available for sale - about two or three times a year.  You can sign up for the in-stock notification and you will be notified via email as soon as one is available.  That said, do not delay when that notification email arrives because they are gone before you can even say "Singer Featherweight!".  Otherwise, periodically check eBay or Etsy and be on the lookout for a totally unsalvageable case.


Other Secure Case Alternatives: 
While you're waiting for a clasp, you can carry the machine in its vintage original case safely using a Featherweight Case Tote Bag 
(available in a wide selection of colors).
New, Singer Featherweight replica cases are available as well, at least until a clasp can be found for your original case. 

(No, the clasps and latches are not interchangeable on the new cases with the vintage original cases.)
Another machine carrying option:  The Travel Bag
Available in Black or Red with room enough for just the machine & foot controller.