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Workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina
by April Henry

July 15th and 16th, 2016 we were in Fort Mill, South Carolina -- what a fine group this was!  We met quite a few of our current customers as well as meeting new folks, too!  One student brought a machine she had purchased from us years ago so she could learn to service and maintain it herself.

Here are the photo highlights .....

This is Janet with the lovely Red S 221 we had sold to her several years back.
(It was still glistening in the light!)

Cathy learning about lubricant and taking a peek inside the cut-away motor we have for our Workshop display.

Ginny 1

We had two attend by the name of "Ginny"... and they were close friends that came together!  They have affectionately been called the "two Ginnys" in our family.

(Christian assisting Ginny 2 with her hook assembly)

 Look at all that thread that was caught behind her hook assembly!

Carmon giving a tap tap to the lead sheath surrounding the wiring underneath the machine.  Giving it a tap illustrated how easily that oxidized lead can flake away and get into the gears.  This has been known to slow the gearing down considerably.  You can carefully clean it off (it is lead, after all) by using Kerosene and the rough end of the Lint and Gear Cleaning Brush (or a firm tooth brush).  Follow it up with our Featherweight Motor Lubricant and this will prevent the oxidation from returning.

Christian refurbished Kathy's case.
Isn't it beautiful?!

(Ruthie had become quite ill after our trip to D.C. so she was not able to attend the Workshop and do her normal case refurbishing.)

The class learning about belt adjustment and motor height.

Dee and Donna learning about the inner components to the Singer Featherweight motor.

Shanna and Cathy learning about our low melting point Motor Lubricant and how it only takes a small bead around the gears.

Carmon assisting Mary with her machine and how to lubricate the upper gears.

Billie beginning the maintenance process on her Featherweight.

Windy had a sweetly embroidered apron that she wore to the class.
It was actually a family heirloom.

Suzan working on her Featherweight -- (Thank you so much, Suzan, for the bona fide West Virginia fabric... wrapped in rick rack, no less!  That was very sweet of you!)

Christina aligning the positioning finger on her bobbin case assembly....

Amy oiling her bobbin case base with just one drop of oil.  This spot needs oiled every time you sit down to sew and/or every time you change your bobbin.

Vicki, learning about the bobbin case base and the positioning finger alignment.

During the workshop, one of the machines had a terrible thread jam - this was the perfect opportunity to put the machine up on the big screen and illustrate how to disassemble the bobbin case assembly and retrieve any thread snarls and messes.

Have a look at what he found.....

LOOK!... how much thread was wrapped around and behind that bobbin case assembly!

Cliff came prepared for surgery... and surgery he performed!
Great work, Cliff - these photos were great!

Tamie matching the oiling points for her machine.

Amy and Alice becoming familiar with how to remove and install the belt...