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Article: Workshop in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Workshop in Mechanicsville, Virginia

road trip

Mechanicsville, Virginia - July 12th and 13th, 2016

Making our way through the eastern states, Virginia was our next stop.  Class members learned much about servicing their Singer Featherweights and becoming empowered to find and service future machines for their collection, too!

Here are the photo highlights:


This case handle is from a White Singer Featherweight and is a unique kind.  A Workshop participant brought it to class and we wanted to make sure to take a photo to show you what makes it different.  Do you notice how the handle is inserted between the metal tabs of each bracket?  This handle has small nubs molded into the ends and there is not a replacement for this style.  So, if you have a case with this style handle, be very, very careful.  Always carry it with your hands securing the bottom of the case or make a case tote to protect the integrity of the vintage case.

By the way, there is another style case handle for the White Featherweight - one that has pins holding it in place.  Thankfully, this style is more common.  It still is on the fragile side, so it's wise to be conscientious for how you carry your Featherweight case, but there are replicas available here if needed.

During the one-on-one time for service and maintenance, Christian (assisting Susanne) discovered something that has rarely, if ever, been found on a Singer Featherweight before.  The timing on Susanne's 222K was having difficulties (which is quite odd for a Featherweight because of how they are designed).  So, Christian disassembled it for her and realized that there was no flat spot on the shaft!  Thankfully, because of having training on the technical aspects of sewing machine timing, he was able to time her machine manually, right there in class.  It took awhile, but they enjoyed working together on this major project while I continued with the rest of the Workshop.  (Later, with curiosity piqued, I conferred with a few other Featherweight experts in the business and they, too, had never seen such a thing before!)

Wondering about that long-shafted Screwdriver that Ruth Ann is using?
Click here to read more about their unique design.

It looks like a Bobbin Tension Meter party at the back of the Workshop!

Carol applying Motor & Gear Lubricant to her Singer Featherweight.

Sue giving her handwheel a smooth spin!


This hook assembly has quite a thread nest!  One of the things covered in our Workshops is how to remove thread from behind the bobbin case assembly.  Here's the video tutorial in case your Featherweight has the same issue.  Yours may not look as snarly as this one, but even a very small piece of thread caught behind the bobbin case base can wreak havoc and cause the machine to jam.

Alveta cleaning off the lower gears and oxidation flakes from the lead sheath.

Leslie aligning the positioning finger on her bobbin case assembly.
(Refer to Question #6 on our FAQ page.)

Nancy adjusting her belt tension.

It was great Workshop in Mechanicsville!


Next stop - Fort Mill, South Carolina...