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| Posted by The Featherweight Shop

The Featherweight Shop is at Road to California 2023

Welcome to sunny California, where the bobbins are bouncing, and the energy is ecstatic at the Road to California Quilt Show and Conference! Come by and visit The Featherweight Shop at Booth #934. Plus, we will have a hand-picked selection of Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines available for in-person purchase, a grand giveaway, daily freebies, and more from January 18th - 21st!  Learn more about the Road to California Quilter's Conference & Showcase Here. The Featherweight Shop Booth #934 Dates & HoursJanuary 18th - 21stWednesday - Friday - 9:00AM - 5:30PMSaturday - 9:00AM-4:30PMLocation:Ontario Convention Center2000 E Convention Center WayOntario, CA 91764

| Posted by April Henry

Day in Seattle

After our workshops in Olympia, Washington we took a day with the kids and visited the iconic Pike's Place Market!  A few donuts, some fresh flowers and the infamous gum wall were the highlights of our day. An entire wall... and surrounding walls, actually, of A.B.C. gum.  That's "Already Been Chewed" gum.  Nasty, of course, but definitely something to see. Better than Krispie Kreme, I promise; they have a "homemade" doughnut flavor that is so yummy! Carmon surprised Ruthie with a fresh bouquet of Sweet Peas... as you know she has always been our little Sweet Pea.  It was a...

| Posted by April Henry

Olympia, Washington Featherweight Maintenance Workshop - May 2018

Cindy M. is a fellow Featherweight Friend and it was so fun to finally meet her in real life! This is what we like to call our "peanut butter" machines, and every once in awhile we will come across one of these at our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshops. There isn't any reason for a Featherweight machine to be plastered with this much grease, yet it's always fun to take a before and after photo!  At some point in it's maintenance history, this odd looking grease had been applied so thick to the top gear that it had splattered everywhere inside......

| Posted by April Henry

Beaverton, Oregon Featherweight Maintenance Workshop - May 2018

Mid-May we were in the Portland, Oregon area for a recent Novice Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  We had the special treat of meeting more of our friends from the Featherweight Facebook Group as well as making new ones, too!  Becki flew in from Missouri and was a pleasure to meet and have at our workshop the first day! Originally discovered for Featherweights in 2015 by our son, Christian, the long-shafted Maintenance Screwdriver is simply a must-have. The extra absorption of torque in the shaft allows you to easily remove those "hard-to-remove" screws.  Carmon and Christian giving a live-illustration on the large...

| Posted by April Henry

Christian, the Sewing Machine Guy

Many of you met our son, Christian, when we were on our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour in the summer of 2016.  He charmed the sweet, lovely ladies and enjoyed being their personal Featherweight technician for each class.   Yesterday, while flipping through some old photos I found these pictures and I couldn't help but chuckle (as well as have a moment of heart-swelling for that sweet little boy).  I remember how excited he was to "sew" using this child's Singer Sewhandy Model 20.  He was about 5-years-old and he wanted to make his Lone Ranger and Johnny West Action...

| Posted by April Henry

Family Time in Georgia, 2016

After our stop in Woodstock (when we took our Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour in 2016) we spent several days with Uncle Charley and Aunt Sandy in Georgia.  We love them dearly and all of us enjoy just listening to their darling southern accents -- with "darlin'" and "sho'nough" being the special words we will forever remember as their terms of endearment.  All of us enjoy antique shopping and collecting together and so sharing several days in Dawsonville was a time we will always cherish. Our time with them just happened to fall during the time of Carmon's birthday, so Aunt...

| Posted by April Henry

Workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina

July 15th and 16th, 2016 we were in Fort Mill, South Carolina -- what a fine group this was!  We met quite a few of our current customers as well as meeting new folks, too!  One student brought a machine she had purchased from us years ago so she could learn to service and maintain it herself. Here are the photo highlights ..... This is Janet with the lovely Red S 221 we had sold to her several years back.(It was still glistening in the light!) Cathy learning about lubricant and taking a peek inside the cut-away motor we have...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Workshop in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Mechanicsville, Virginia - July 12th and 13th, 2016 Making our way through the eastern states, Virginia was our next stop.  Class members learned much about servicing their Singer Featherweights and becoming empowered to find and service future machines for their collection, too! Here are the photo highlights:   This case handle is from a White Singer Featherweight and is a unique kind.  A Workshop participant brought it to class and we wanted to make sure to take a photo to show you what makes it different.  Do you notice how the handle is inserted between the metal tabs of each...

| Posted by April Henry

Memphis, Tennessee - July 2016

Towards the end of July, 2016, we visited Memphis, Tennessee for the next Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop on our nationwide tour.  Growing up and living in Idaho, cockroaches are a thing we do not have the opportunity to experience.  We have other things, of course, but not cockroaches.  So, when we pulled into the hotel parking lot, only to find them lurking and moving at our every move, it was quite an experience (and I am sure we would have been great entertainment for the locals!)  Ruthie and I stood guard on the utility trailer while Carmon and Christian unloaded...

| Posted by April Henry

Nashville, Tennessee, 2016

Towards the end of July we were in Nashville, Tennessee.  We had the special treat of meeting more of our friends from the Featherweight Facebook Group and making new ones at the Workshop.  The screwdrivers there on the table are the exact ones we use in the Featherweight Shop and what we recommend at all our Workshops.  The small and long-shafted screwdrivers will be the most used, followed by the Safety and Mid-Length.  We have a full set now available for order... order all 4 and save! Juandel came with her daughter to the workshop and they learned together. Georgia...

| Posted by April Henry

Workshop in Woodstock, Georgia

July 18th and 19th, 2016 we were in Woodstock, Georgia for a two-day Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  We saw quite a few of our Featherweight friends and customers that we've interacted with online so it was a treat to see and meet several in person, too!  Ruthie helping Laura with the cleaning of her Featherweight gears. Barbara brought her lovely White Featherweight to the workshop! Angie - cleaning her Featherweight gears. Martha - cleaning her Featherweight felt drip pan tray.These pans can become quite sticky with oil and grease so she cleaned hers before adhering a new felt drip pad. Oiling...

| Posted by April Henry

Washington, D.C.

When we started planning for our Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour 2016 we knew that we would somehow want to incorporate a visit to Washington, D.C.  Carmon had visited the city in the fall of 2009 and had wanted to bring the rest of us to see US history first hand ever since.  It was certainly a lot to take in and we had high hopes that we would get to see many sites in an 8-day time period.  While we would probably have to spend several months to see each minute historical detail, we do feel like we received at...

| Posted by April Henry

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After New York City our family took an 8-day break from the Featherweight Workshops to tour our Nation's capitol and historical sights.  The first place we visited was Philadelphia.  It just so happened to be around the July 4th weekend, so there were several things we would not have ordinarily had the opportunity to see any other time of year.  This also meant that there were considerable more crowds, so some of the most-desired historical sights were not available for us to see during our one-day visit in Philadelphia. Independence HallHome of the Constitutional Convention We took a horse-drawn carriage...

| Posted by April Henry

New York City

We had one day in New York City, so we had to maximize what we could see and do... and it all had to be done on foot.  We road the train, the subway and walked and walked and walked.... and walked... but, we were able to see the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Memorial and all the sights in between.  We were worn out by the end of the day, but it was a fun to experience and see it all for the first time. Our first view of the New York skyline...

| Posted by April Henry

Columbus, Ohio Workshops, June 2016

Our Columbus, Ohio workshops were a blast, and both groups were a pleasure to work with and teach all about their Singer Featherweights and maintenance / servicing skills. Here are a few photos from both days: Workshop members learned about the oxidation from the lead tube and why it can be important to keep it clear from underneath machine. Before and after -- cleaning all that lint from under the needle plate... This machine had quite a few yards of thread pass through it's needle!  Karen with the tan Featherweight and Debbie with the black Featherweight - friends enjoying the...

| Posted by April Henry

Amish Country

Did you see that?  We were welcomed to Pennsylvania.  Carmon said, "take a picture!  We're entering Pennsylvania!"  Well... by the time I grabbed the camera and it zoomed in, that's about all I caught. Driving on the country roads in Amish country of Pennsylvania had some unexpected surprises.  First, we didn't really expect them to be driving motorized vehicles.  Second, we did not realize that the area was a mixture of both Amish and Quaker descent with lifestyles that, by our first glance, appeared similar.  Our hotel clerk directed us to Kitchen Kettle Village, which is a very busy touristy...

| Posted by April Henry

Fabric and Racecars

After the Featherweight Maintenance Retreat at the Missouri Star Quilt Company Ruthie and I were able to do a little bit of fabric shopping.  Although I did make one note for next time -- plan ahead to do fabric shopping the day before the retreat... I know I would come home with more fabric for sure!  Carmon and Christian went to the man-cave at Missouri Star and enjoyed a round or two of pool while we shopped.  Christian liked the game so much he decided he wants to get a pool table for his house someday.... (Rack 'em up, Son!)...

| Posted by April Henry

Missouri Star Featherweight Maintenance Retreat Recap

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Retreatat the Missouri Star Quilt CompanyJune 20 - 22, 2016 We arrived in St. Joseph, Missouri on Sunday night and spent the evening with Dave and Sharon McCallum.  (Dave is the producer and author of the Featherweight Maintenance DVD and Book.)  We put retreat food preparations in the refrigerators at the hotel (Candlewood Suites was awesome for this!), ate pizza and discussed the schedule for the next couple of days.  It was fun to catch up, too! Hamilton, MissouriMissouri Star Quilt Company Monday morning we drove in to Hamilton and began setup for our first Featherweight...

| Posted by April Henry

Grizzly Bears Up Close

On our way out of Montana and after only about 15-20 minutes on the freeway we saw a billboard advertisement for the Montana Grizzly Encounter.  It was a rescue facility for domesticated grizzly bears.  (There is no such thing as a "domesticated bear", of course... but these are bears that would no longer survive in the wild because of their upbringing - hence, "rescue").  It was a fascinating experience and great learning/schooling opportunity as well for Christian and Ruth - a family field trip of sorts. This 850 pound bear was named "Jake" and he was accompanied by "Maggie".  Maggie...

| Posted by April Henry

We're On The Road!

After five months of planning, preparing and packing we are finally on the road for the Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour.  Bozeman, Montana was our first of seventeen stops along our ten week road trip this summer. Upon our arrival to the hotel the first night we were greeted with an unexpected warm welcome of flowers and a few vintage-inspired fat quarters.  We felt so special!  I am now toting my little flower pot around with me in the front of the van to enjoy as long as I can.   The class was wonderful!  It was so enjoyable to...