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| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Oil Your Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine

Give your Featherweight a "Spa Day!" This oiling tutorial will teach you every step of oiling your Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine and is geared more towards routine maintenance. HINT:  If you have discovered after opening up your Featherweight that the gear mechanisms are covered with old lubricant, grime, and gunk, and it has been years since the machine was taken care of, then it might be a good idea to start with the cleaning and lubrication video first.  Here is a link to our cleaning and lubrication tutorial which will show you how to do just that. Before you...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Clean & Lubricate Your Gears and Motor

Learn how to properly clean and lubricate your Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K sewing machine gears as well as the motor. Video tutorial walks you through each step for where to apply the lubricant.  If you do not have the right grease on hand, then scroll down below the video to order a tube of the proper grease for your machine, or click here to learn more about our low-melting-point sewing machine lubricant.   *We have now updated our Featherweight Shop Motor & Gear Lubricant video tutorial with a "Part 2" to reflect the new SEW-RETRO GreaseTM brand! Common Question: ...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Motor Lubricant and the Proper Melting Point for Sewing Machine Motors

  Are you using the right motor grease and lubricant for your Singer Featherweight?  There are old, original tubes, new tubes and even some new kinds on the market... but are they properly suited for the Singer Featherweight?  How would you know?  Watch the video tutorial above and our old one below from 2015 or scroll down to read through Carmon Henry's 1st video tutorial in text format.   PART 1 from 2015, showing other grease comparisons above. *We have now updated our Featherweight Shop Motor & Gear Lubricant video tutorial with a "Part 2" to reflect the new SEW-RETRO...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How To Remove and Install a Singer Featherweight Belt

We are sometimes asked when to replace a Featherweight belt as well as how to remove and install a new belt. This video tutorial will show you examples of some bad belts and what to look for, as well as the proper way for installing it.   Another thing to take note of is the motor pulley because depending on what kind you have will depend on how the belt is removed and how it is installed.  Many of you may have 2, 3, 4, or more Featherweights in your collection... and you may have noticed that some motor pulleys...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Adjusting the Belt

Is your Featherweight a bit sluggish or does the belt slip when you sew? This quick tip for how to adjust the belt will help you remedy the problem in no time at all. The first thing you will want to do is remove the spool of thread as well as the bobbin case from the machine. Next, using a long screwdriver, loosen the screw on the motor bracket as shown in the photos below: With the belt on the motor pulley and the handwheel, depress the foot controller to full power and raise and lower the motor until the...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Owner's Handbook & Servicing Manuals

The Singer Featherweight Maintenance HandbookThe most comprehensive DIY tool for learning routine Featherweight service and maintenance troubleshooting in modern day. Handbook includes 84 pages of full-color, large photographs, step-by-step instructions, video-tutorial direct links via QR code and so much more!  Follow the link above to learn more. The manuals below are archived from the olden days and available as a free PDF download: OPERATOR MANUALS221 Black (green cover)(221-1, 221K) 221 Black (blue cover)221K5 / 221J Tan221K7 White (blue cover)221K7 White (red & green cover)222K   IDENTIFY YOUR FEATHERWEIGHT MANUAL SERVICE MANUALSService Manual - 221Service Manual Addendum(features oiling & servicing for the 222K)Adjuster's Manual...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Easily Remove the Handwheel Collar Bushing

If thread or debris gets pulled behind the handwheel, it can lodge around the shaft behind the handwheel collar / bushing.  This can greatly slow down your Featherweight by causing undue stress on the motor.  The handwheel collar is actually pretty difficult to remove and damage often occurs when doing so with improper tools.  Following the video tutorial below, Carmon will show you how to easily remove the handwheel collar bushing as well as show you our newest tool to help you do so. Tools needed: Long Wera Maintenance Screwdriver Handwheel Collar Puller / Remover 6mm Allen Wrench from any...

| Posted by Christian Henry

How to Smooth a Burr or Rust Spot on Hook Assembly, Tension Disks, etc.

Watch Video Tutorial below . . . Is your machine skipping stitches and you've tried every possible troubleshooting suggestion?  Do you feel a small burr on your machine's hook assembly or or loop guard?  Do you see a rusty corroded spot or two on the tension disks?  Well, this simple but useful tool is one of our Featherweight Shop secrets and a necessity for any sewing machine maintenance and service kit.  The Rubber Honing Stick is a tool is used for cleaning rust and burrs off parts like the Featherweight hook assembly, the bobbin case, and the tension discs.  The...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Maintenance Screwdrivers for the Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K

These are the Featherweight Screwdrivers that everyone has been talking about from our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour of 2016. VIDEO #1 VIDEO #2 BELOW From Germany, this Wera Screwdriver is, by far, the best screwdriver we have found for use on the Singer Featherweight sewing machine -- even better than any gun-smithing tool set! (We have tried many and most tips bend or break or strip the screw.) What makes these particular screwdrivers different from all others is the superior quality in the manufacturing, composition, and the proportionately long shaft. Moreover, the handles were designed with a mold that...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Replace the Felt Drip Pad Liner on a Singer Featherweight

Today at The Featherweight Shop, Carmon and Ruthie will be showing you how to change the Felt Drip Pad on your Singer Featherweight properly! The felt drip pad that is underneath absorbs excess oil and, if heavily saturated, probably needs replacing.  Not only will it take care of a simple routine maintenance for your machine, but it can also help eliminate some of the old musty odors that tend to collect from having been in storage for many years.   Old Felt Drip Pad Felt Drip Pad Replacement Video Tutorial: Felt Drip Pad Replacement Tutorial Tools: 1. Putty Knife 2. Latex Gloves...

| Posted by Featherweight Shop Staff

How To Use Sew-Retro Oil Tutorial

Welcome to The Featherweight Shop's Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil maintenance tutorial! Today, we will review the proper amount of oil needed to maintain the Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Plus, learn how to properly store Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil for short-term or long-term storage.  Suggested Products: Sew-Retro Sewing Machine Oil Singer Featherweight Maintenance Handbook Singer Featherweight Maintenance Log Book Pliers   Oiling a Singer Featherweight     Properly maintaining the Singer Featherweight sewing machine is critical to a smoothly running machine that sews beautiful stitches! Knowing where and how much to oil the Featherweight may seem daunting to any Featherweight owner who is...

| Posted by Christian Henry

Why Is My Singer Featherweight Sewing Slowly?

Vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machines are widely known for their straight stitches, speed, and reliability. But, as you sew, a sluggish or slow sewing machine is a sure sign that something is amiss. Fortunately, simple tools and a little Singer know-how can quickly remedy the most common causes of a slow motor. Today, we'll review these possible issues and how to solve them. Products Recommended:Singer Featherweight Maintenance HandbookThread Jam Removal ToolThread-O-StatSew-Retro Sewing Machine OilSuperbelt You may notice that your machine doesn't sew with as much vigor as it used to, or you may acquire a vintage Featherweight that sews with less gusto...