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Nashville, Tennessee, 2016
by April Henry

Towards the end of July we were in Nashville, Tennessee.  We had the special treat of meeting more of our friends from the Featherweight Facebook Group and making new ones at the Workshop. 

The screwdrivers there on the table are the exact ones we use in the Featherweight Shop and what we recommend at all our Workshops.  The small and long-shafted screwdrivers will be the most used, followed by the Safety and Mid-Length.  We have a full set now available for order... order all 4 and save!

Juandel came with her daughter to the workshop and they learned together.

Georgia and Sandra oiling their Featherweights.

Helenmarie comparing all the oiling points with the demo model.

Ruthie chose a class participant's case for her total case refurbish!

Carmon explaining how the foot controller works and adjustments that can be made.

(photo courtesy of Alexandra Ebling)

Ruthie helping Mama with the computer and orders.

(photo courtesy of Alexandra Ebling)

Checking stitch formation and tension.

(photo courtesy of Alexandra Ebling)

Christian, Ruthie, Susan, Carmon, Georgia, Sara, and Nancy closing up shop for the day!

(Nancy heard me mention how fascinated I was with the cotton fields and how much I wanted to see REAL cotton sprigs opened up.  She surprised me and sent some to me shortly after we returned home!  Thank you, Nancy!)