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embroidery & darning foot
embroidery & darning foot
embroidery & darning foot
embroidery using the embroidery & darning foot

Embroidery & Darning Foot (Slant Shank)

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With the right instruction, feed-dogs covered or lowered, and the appropriate embroidery/darning ...

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With the right instruction, feed-dogs covered or lowered, and the appropriate embroidery/darning attachment, Machine Embroidery can range from the 'Practical' (darning) to the 'Artistic'!


You can start out simple - everything, as you know, takes practice. But, before you can start at all, you will certainly need this Embroidery/Darning Attachment to help you.


Let's face it - the old Singer embroidery attachments are getting more and more difficult to acquire without a 'collector' price-tag. Well, to fulfill your desire for Machine Embroidery as well as being cost-effective, this NEW Reproduction (all-metal) Attachment works beautifully!!! I was quite impressed, actually, with how smooth it did work - I would rate this as the best replacement for having an original vintage Singer part.  There are certain features I found quite useful.


#1 ~ The foot has a snap-up and down mechanism which allows you to easily slip your Machine Embroidery Hoop in and out of position.


#2 ~ The wider hole allows easier stitch viewing.


I made the sample in the photos above in about 10 minutes - counting the time it took to change the thread colors.


If you look at the needle as your center of focus and then compare the two photographs... notice the spring on the right? It snaps up and stays in place for easier positioning of the Machine Embroidery Hoop.


Red-Work, Blue-Work, Green-Work, or what-ever-color suits your fancy are going to have an entirely different meaning with the ability to embroider it on your machine. Remember the old-fashioned Friendship quilts?  Take your finished quilt squares to a bridal shower and have all in the wedding party sign them in pencil or water-erasable fabric ink. Then follow their signature with your Embroidery Attachment - what a unique (cherished) gift that would be to present the bride. Or even as a baby gift, you could use a vintage iron on transfer with the oh-so-darling prints and patterns from yesteryear and embroider a Nursery-Rhyme Quilt.  My mother has one (which I hope to inherit someday) and it is one of her most-treasured possessions.


Really and truly, with a little practice, you'll be able to follow a signature in no time at all. I watched a good friend of mine do it after just a couple samples of her own name. She finished an entire baby quilt with signatures from a baby shower.


Instructions for use will be included.


SLANT SHANK:  fits all SLANT shank Singer Sewing Machines (i.e. 301, 301A, 401, 401A, 403, 500, 503, 600 & 700 Series and all other Slant Needle Singer Models)

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