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Flower Spindle for Binding Baby

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Flower Spindle for Binding Baby

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Flower Spindles for sewing functionality with your Binding Babies!

Watch video tutorial below!

Binding Babies are sold separately, but are available for purchase here.

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The Flower Spindle is the perfect stand and companion to your Binding Babies. Add your binding, slip your Binding Baby onto the stand and sew away. She will spin and keep your binding tidy as you sew binding on to your favorite quilt or sewing project. If using large spools or cones of thread, put your Binding Baby on the machine spool pin and your thread on the Flower Spindle. The Flower Spindle will act as a support to keep your thread off the table so your thread can easily feed to your machine.

There are non slip pads on the bottom of the Flower Spindle to keep it from sliding on your sewing table or sewing surface. Each Flower Spindle measures 1" high and 6" wide. To assemble, place the spindle in the middle hole and twist in until tight. Add your Binding Baby (all loaded with binding) over the spindle and begin sewing.

How to care for your Flower Spindle: Use a soft cloth rag, lightly damp the cloth. Gently wipe off the stand to remove the dust.