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| Posted by April Henry

Little Girl (or Boys!) Sewing Machine

  I am often asked, 'What child's sewing machine would you recommend for my 4-5 year-old?'... Well, each child is different, of course, and while some may actually be ready to go straight to a regular sewing machine (which I would without-a-doubt recommend the Singer Featherweight 221 for any child's first regular sewing machine!) some little ones need a baby step to get them used to the concept and mechanics of actually sewing. In that case, then I highly recommend the Singer Sewhandy model 20. It is a small table-mount handcrank sewing machine that creates a lovely chainstitch. You will...

| Posted by April Henry

They're HERE! My Favorite Contemporary Children's Patterns

 The FALL/WINTER Oliver + S patterns have arrived! I'm so excited, too... I can't wait to see what you make from them! And the new sizes are wonderful ~ ranging from 6 months - 8 years.   Level of difficulty indicated by '1, 2, 3 or 4 Scissors' . . . Priced at $15.95 each with Free Domestic Shipping.   Each pattern comes wrapped in external cardstock for use as a Paper Doll Cut-Out!How precious is that!?!   If you've been following my blog lately, you have seen some of the Oliver + S creations I have made.Let me know...

| Posted by April Henry

Paper Doll Matchy

Paper dolls are so much fun. I like it that SweetPea thinks so, too. She begs me to cut out the paper dolls when the Oliver + S patterns arrive. Before I received the all-in-one paper doll cut-out sheet with all of them on one page, she would have to wait until I actually made the outfit. She was ecstatic when I sat down with her and cut them all out so she could make conversation between "cousins" (as she so corrected me when I told her they were "friends" - the boy and girl) Before she could play with...

| Posted by April Henry

More Sewing Makeovers

My sweet Sis came to help me paint last weekend... the dungeoness shelves which I had turned into my fabric / sewing area. I had taken a picture of the 'before' a month or so ago, but it must have been so atrocious for me to look at that I think I deleted it from the computer. Oh, well... trust me - these shelves have needed an updo since about the 1970's. The fabric that is inside out has been washed and is now ready for pressing then sewing. The fabric that is right side out is still unwashed. I've...

| Posted by April Henry

Strawberry Shortcake for Preschool

This week is RED week at preschool. And what does my little SweetPea decide she needs to wear to coincide with the week?... none other than her Strawberry Shortcake outfit I made for her Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party last January. She opted out of the hat (which I probably would have talked her out of anyway). It delighted my heart that she wanted to wear it - and not just wear it for play, but wear it for school!

| Posted by April Henry

Fabric - Artful Medium

FROM THE ARCHIVES (2008)...I used to be an artist... that is, I drew pen & ink drawings.  It has been 10 years since I picked up a pen & ink pen, however. Sometimes, I wish I had the desire to draw again especially to illustrate my children, but thankfully I've taken enough photos so that when their little-ness is gone, I will be able to still capture it in artform. That medium is on the back burner - for now. Garments or sewn creations (i.e. quilts, crafts, etc...) are my canvas now and fabric is my medium. I've always loved...

| Posted by April Henry

My New Cyber Friend

I'd like to introduce to you my new Cyber-Friend. Her name is Sharyn Sowell and we met by happenstance. Her artwork is beautiful, her ideas are fabulous, but most importantly, her kindred Christian spirit is ever lovely. You will probably be seeing a lot of her artwork on different things in the months and years to come. She specializes in silhouettes and does it all by hand. Yes - she cuts all the paper artwork with her hand scissors and specialty tools. AND, she even has an antique printing press that she uses!!! I received the loveliest Christmas card that...

| Posted by April Henry

My Personal Attachment Stash

A real quick post... I feel as if I've hit the pinnacle with all that I have accumulated over a very long period of time. Some of these items are EXTREEEEMELY rare, and some cannot be found but over years and years of searching. Anyway, getting all of my Singer Sewing Collectibles out was quite fun - I just had to let them pose for a photograph.

| Posted by April Henry

The Perfect Green

While I don't care for all painted Featherweights, I will say that I completely support it if they are the right color. This, my friends, is the epitome of Jade-ite Green. I love it. A customer/Stitchery Friend e-mailed it to me as his new acquisition and I about fell out of my chair with jade-ite green envy.This is not mint green. This is JADE-ITE Green. You know the kind ~ Anchor Hocking Fire-King Restaurant Ware Jade-ite Green.  Not that this post is anything about Restaurant Ware - it isn't... it's about the Jade-Ite Green Featherweight.... I totally love it. Thanks...