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Maintenance & Tutorials

Maintenance Tutorials
  1. How to Oil the Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine
  2. How to Clean & Lubricate Gears & Motor
  3. How to Know If You're Using the Right Motor Lubricant (*IMPORTANT!)
  4. Learning About the Motor Lube Ports & Felt Wick
  5. How to Remove & Install the Belt
  6. How to Adjust the Belt for Tension and Motor Height
  7. How to Adjust the Handwheel
  8. How to Adjust the Stitch Length Lever
  9. How to Easily Change the Light Bulb
  10. How to Thread the Machine
  11. How Thread Affects Maintenance, Tension & Bobbin Tension
  12. How to Adjust Tension & Bobbin Case
  13. How to Disassemble and Calibrate the Tension Unit
  14. How to Align the Tension Unit +/- Indicator Ring
  15. How to Replace Needle Clamp & Thread Guide
  16. How to Remove Thread from Bobbin Case Base & Hook Assembly
  17. How to Adjust Hook Timing and Replace Gib Hook & Bobbin Assembly
  18. How to Remove a "Stuck" Hook Assembly
  19. How to Adjust Foot Controller & Cord Wiring
  20. How to Fix Receptacle Pins for Better Electrical Connection
  21. How to Replace the Light Socket, Lamp Shade, Light Switch, Receptacle & Motor
  22. How to Fix a Loose or Bent Spool Pin
  23. How to Loosen the Spool Pin Coverplate if the Screw is Too Tight
  24. How to Clean & Polish the Machine
  25. The Giant Schmetz Needle Tutorial
  26. The Importance of the Thread Stand
  27. How To Refurbish a Featherweight Case
  28. How to Get Rid of the Moldy Mildew Smell in the Case


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