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| Posted by April Henry

Factory Vintage Tour

We do enjoy sewing machine history, especially when it comes to Singer, and their manufacturing process, advertisements, catalogs and antique publications.  Yesterday we managed to find some information and illustrations that we thought you would all enjoy seeing as well and taking a virtual tour with us.  This old Singer Catalog is from the late 1800’s – a few decades before the household Singer Featherweight was even invented!  It was made for manufacturers – whether it be for clothing, shoes, books, leather work, etc., the Singer Manufacturing Company wanted to make the industrial market aware of the machines it had...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

The "Collection"

Many of you are already aware that back in December we obtained a very rare Featherweight collection and that has been commissioned to sell them in the coming weeks and months. This was quite a fun adventure and getting prepared to make the Featherweights available has been a long time coming…. are you getting excited that we are finally now here!!?  I know we are! Several of you have asked for more details about the person who had collected all these wonderful Featherweights.  Well, for the most part the collector has asked to remain “behind the scenes", but what...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Rare Featherweight Collection

As some of you may already be aware, I am on my way to retrieve a rather large Featherweight collection, which includes a few of the rarest Singer Featherweights known to exist. I will be traveling about 2000 driving miles to bring them back safely to our studio where we will begin featuring them one by one for sale. We told you 2014 was going to be an exciting year for April 1930’s Featherweight Shoppe, but 2015 will be better yet. Stay tuned! **UPDATE** Here's a picture of the Collection all unpacked!

| Posted by April Henry

Little Girl (or Boys!) Sewing Machine

  I am often asked, 'What child's sewing machine would you recommend for my 4-5 year-old?'... Well, each child is different, of course, and while some may actually be ready to go straight to a regular sewing machine (which I would without-a-doubt recommend the Singer Featherweight 221 for any child's first regular sewing machine!) some little ones need a baby step to get them used to the concept and mechanics of actually sewing. In that case, then I highly recommend the Singer Sewhandy model 20. It is a small table-mount handcrank sewing machine that creates a lovely chainstitch. You will...