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| Posted by Christian Henry

Capacitors - Why Did My Featherweight Start Sewing By Itself All of the Sudden?

Many Featherweight owners have asked, "what are these silver cylinders inside my foot controller?"  For several of the Featherweights manufactured in the UK, capacitors were added inside the foot controller, motor, or the machine itself.  The purpose of capacitors was to cut down on electrical feedback with old TVs and radios.  We no longer have this problem with present-day electricity, and nowadays the capacitors end up being quite the nuisance, if not potentially dangerous.  We often get contacted by frightened customers exclaiming that their machine just started sewing all of the sudden without the foot controller being depressed at all.  The cause?  Those capacitors! ...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Repair a Speedy Foot Controller - Part B

A few years ago we posted the tutorial for how to adjust the original bakelite foot controller and since then have received many requests for how to do the same speed adjustment on the "clamshell" style foot controller, most often seen on white Featherweights, but sometimes with the black Singer Featherweight 221 & 222 as well. If your foot controller (aka: foot pedal) seems to only have one speed - FAST... Then the following video tutorial will show you how to make that adjustment so you will have full range of speed.  From sewing slowly and carefully to speedily sewing...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Troubleshooting Stitch Problems (Skipped Stitches, Thread Looping, etc.)

This is Singer Featherweight Stitch Formation 101!  If your Singer Featherweight is skipping stitches, not stitching at all, won't pick up the bobbin thread or perhaps the thread is looping or causing an awful thread mess on the underside of your fabric, then this video tutorial will show you the easy tips for what you can do to fix it and save you a trip to the service technician. If your machine is actually jammed, the handwheel won't turn and the needle will not go up and down, then see our other tutorial on the Featherweight Schoolhouse for How To...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Removing the Presser Bar Lifter

If your presser bar lifter is broken or you need to remove it for paint preparation/restoration, then this quick video tutorial will show you how to do just that.  It's a bit tricky, but after receiving the question from a customer on our Singer Featherweight facebook group, Carmon made this impromptu video to show her how.

| Posted by Christian Henry

How To Remove a Singer 222K Featherweight Bed Extension

If you have a Singer 222 free-arm Featherweight and the bed extension does not slide off easily, then this video tutorial will be helpful in showing you how to remove it.  Sometimes you have to give it a hard tug and other times the bed will need to be tapped out from the side end.  Watch the tutorial below for some quick tips and learn which screw you want to make sure is always tight!  

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How To Refurbish a Singer Featherweight Case

In this video tutorial, our young daughter, Ruthie, will show you all the restoration steps for how to clean, polish and refurbish/restore a Singer Featherweight case.  This process will work on all black Singer Featherweight cases. On our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour this past summer, she became known at each class as the one to teach this portion of our workshops.  Step-by-step, she will show you the process of bringing that old, worn-out-looking case to a new luster -- giving it new life again!   Towards the end of the video, she and I will also show you how...

| Posted by April Henry

How To Use The Singer Automatic Zigzagger Attachment

This video tutorial will show you how I used the Singer Automatic Zigzagger Attachment to do applique on my Singer Featherweight.  Yes, my straight stitch sewing machine was able to do a dainty little applique stitch using a vintage Singer Zigzag Attachment.  These zigzaggers were available for either low or slant shank, but the mechanics and function are identical.  The Featherweight requires a low shank attachment, of course, whereas a Singer 301 would take the slant shank style. Featherweight Diecuts are available by clicking here.

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Learning About the Motor Lubricant Ports

Ever wondered what it looks like inside your motor or how much lubricant is required to put in that deep dark motor lubricant port?  This video tutorial will show you a perfect cross-section cut-away of the motor's interior as well as the different motor lube port styles.  There is one kind that is particularly difficult to get to and Carmon will show you his trick for how to get an old, hard felt wick going again.  

| Posted by Christian Henry

How to Loosen the Spool Pin Coverplate if the Screw is Too Tight

If your spool pin coverplate seems to be impossible to remove because of that stuck or stripped spool pin screw, this quick impromptu video might be just the trick to help you.  Once you get your spool pin cover plate removed, be sure to not screw the screw back down too tightly -- just finger tight is sufficient. This will allow you to easily remove it next time for your routine oiling and maintenance.

| Posted by April Henry

How to Install & Use the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide

This seam guide is designed so that you can easily and accurately piece your quilt blocks.  Whether you prefer a scant or a true quarter inch (1/4") seam (or even beyond), your seams will have consistent seam allowances throughout your quilt or sewing project.  Some people prefer a 1/4" foot attachment and those work very well, too, but other quilters prefer something more fixed and secure to the machine bed.  The smooth acrylic finish of the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide is safer for the machine surface as well.  It is much better than using adhesive or metal seam guides which...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Adjust the Stitch Length Lever

Yesterday, there was a question on our Facebook group about the stitch length lever (or sometimes called the "stitch length regulator") and so this video tutorial was made to help answer that question as well as addressing a couple other things, too.  I will show you what to do if the lever is too loose and rotates around or if it is too stiff and difficult to raise for reverse and lower to adjust the stitch length.  There are a couple of places to oil once you get it adjusted and with this tutorial, you will learn where those spots...

| Posted by Christian Henry

How to Straighten a Bent or Loose Spool Pin

If your spool pin is bent or a bit loose then this video tutorial will show you how to straighten and tighten it back down.  You'll need a very hard surface, a hammer, and a metal punch because you'll be flaring the pin from the underside of the plate.  

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How To Replace the Electrical Components

This video tutorial will show you how to replace and rewire the light socket, lampshade, light switch, receptacle and motor on a Singer Featherweight 221.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.  Also, be sure to like and share this tutorial with your fellow Featherweight friends!  

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Align the +/- Indicator Ring on the Tension Unit

This quick video will show you how to make a tension unit post adjustment. If the +/- indicator ring at the top of your tension unit is sitting a bit off center on your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K, then this tutorial will walk you through the steps for how to get it properly aligned again.

| Posted by April Henry

How to Use the Singer Buttonholer Attachment

Beautiful, perfect and easy! ‘Sew’ easy in fact, it’s practically hands-free! Believe me, this buttonholer is still preferred by long-time sewists, even over the fancy, expensive machines with built-in buttonhole features. It’s amazing how the technology of yesterday still holds true all these decades later. Part 2 of the video shows you how to make an eyelet hole - perfect for when you want to add a little hole to the Dresden Spool Pin Plate (free pattern). Designed fit for the low, vertical shank Singer Sewing Machine (i.e. 15, 66, 99, 127, 128, 185, 192, 201, 221 & 222 Featherweight,...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Disassemble and Reassemble the Tension Unit

This video tutorial was made kind of spur of the moment, but it has been quite helpful on the Singer Featherweight group on Facebook.  Learn how to easily disassemble, clean and reassemble the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K Tension Unit.    

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Adjust the Handwheel

If your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K has a needle that won't stop going up and down and still moves when winding a bobbin, then most likely your handwheel needs an adjustment inside. This easy to follow video tutorial not only shows you how to fix the annoying problem but explains the process of how your stop-back-motion knob works.  Wind a bobbin with no needle movement, once again.     

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Foot Pedal Controller Adjustment

  If your Singer Featherweight 221 foot controller (aka foot pedal) has only one speed (fast) OR is getting way too hot, then it might just need a simple adjustment inside. Watch this video tutorial for how to calibrate and make the necessary adjustment and to keep your machine operating safely. .... But wait, there's more -- immediately after posting this video to our Singer Featherweight 221 Facebook Group, we received the question about a light that flickers on and off when the foot controller is depressed. So, we decided a 2nd video was needed in addition to the first...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

How to Clean Under the Bobbin Case Spring

This is just a quick video we made for a customer who had questions about the bobbin case tension. This tutorial will help teach you how to clean lint out from under the bobbin case spring with a pin as well as how to do the bobbin case "yo-yo" test. This test is not foolproof and can sometimes vary depending on how much force is used in the process, but it can certainly help in a pinch when trying to set the bobbin case tension. For the most accurate setting, please see our updated tutorial here.   Bobbin Case Yo-Yo...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Replacing the Needle Clamp & Thread Guide

When replacing the needle clamp or thread guide, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get everything aligned just right.  This video tutorial will help you learn how to easily replace the needle clamp and thread guide on your Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K.