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  1. "Before" Singer Featherweight History

  2. Adjusting the Belt

  3. Birthdate Featherweights

  4. Bobbin Case History of the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222

  5. Case Key Tutorial - Singer Featherweight 221

  6. Case Key Tutorial - Singer Featherweight 222

  7. Chicago World's Fair

  8. Damaged in Shipment

  9. Dating Your Singer Featherweight Machine

  10. Facts & Myths

  11. Featherweight Case Restoration Ideas

  12. Featherweight LED Bulb Comparison

  13. Featherweight Needle Direction

  14. Featherweight Timing (and how to replace the Gib Hook)

  15. Fixing a Broken Motor Cap Screw

  16. Foot Pedal Controller Adjustment

  17. Good vs. Bad Bobbins

  18. Grading Scale & Condition Chart

  19. Graham Forsdyke's Featherweight Chamber of Horrors

  20. How Thread Affects Maintenance, Tension & Bobbin Tension

  21. How To Get Rid of the Moldy Mildew Smell in a Featherweight Case

  22. How To Properly Set the Needle (Getting To Know Your Featherweight, Part 3)

  23. How To Refurbish a Singer Featherweight Case

  24. How To Remove a Singer 222K Featherweight Bed Extension

  25. How To Remove and Install a Singer Featherweight Belt

  26. How To Replace the Case Handle

  27. How To Replace the Electrical Components

  28. How To Thread a Featherweight Bobbin Case (Getting to Know Your Featherweight, Part 2)

  29. How To Use The Singer Automatic Zigzagger Attachment

  30. How To Wind a Singer Featherweight Bobbin (Getting to Know Your Featherweight, Part 1)

  31. How to Adjust Tension

  32. How to Adjust the Handwheel

  33. How to Adjust the Stitch Length Lever

  34. How to Adjust the Stitch Length Lever

  35. How to Align the +/- Indicator Ring on the Tension Unit

  36. How to Attach the Feed Dog Cover Plate

  37. How to Change a Singer Featherweight Light Bulb

  38. How to Clean & Lubricate Your Gears and Motor

  39. How to Clean & Polish Your Singer Featherweight

  40. How to Clean Under the Bobbin Case Spring

  41. How to Disassemble and Reassemble the Tension Unit

  42. How to Fix Receptacle Pins for Better Connection

  43. How to Fix a Floppy Bed Extension

  44. How to Fix a Stuck Hook Assembly

  45. How to Free-Motion Quilt on a Singer Featherweight

  46. How to Install & Use the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide

  47. How to Loosen the Spool Pin Coverplate if the Screw is Too Tight

  48. How to Make a Buttonhole and Eyelet Hole (perfect for the Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate Pattern)

  49. How to Oil Your Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine

  50. How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

  51. How to Straighten a Bent or Loose Spool Pin

  52. How to Thread a Singer Featherweight

  53. How to Use the Shirring Foot Attachment

  54. How to Use the Singer Buttonholer Attachment

  55. How to Use the Singer Style-O-Matic Attachment

  56. How to Use the Singer Tucker Attachment

  57. How to Use the Singer Walking Presser Foot

  58. How to Use the Single Thread Embroidery Attachment

  59. How to Use the Two Thread Embroidery Attachment

  60. Identify Your Manual

  61. Introducing the Super Easy Machine Needle Threader

  62. Is My Featherweight a Blackside?

  63. Is Your Machine Jammed?

  64. Learning About Motor Felt Wicks

  65. Learning About the Motor Lubricant Ports

  66. Motor Care & Conversion

  67. Motor Lubricant and the Proper Melting Point

  68. Our Friends of the Featherweight Needle

  69. Owner's Handbook & Servicing Manuals

  70. Packing & Shipping a Singer Featherweight Properly

  71. Parts & Details

  72. Pink, Pinker & Pinking

  73. Putting Your Machine Away

  74. Quarter 1/4" Foot Comparison

  75. Removing the Presser Bar Lifter

  76. Replacing the Drip Pan Felt

  77. Replacing the Needle Clamp & Thread Guide

  78. Service and Repair

  79. Singer Featherweight Advertisements

  80. Singer Featherweight Blackside Finish

  81. Singer Featherweight Centennial 1851-1951

  82. Singer Featherweight FAQs

  83. Singer Featherweight Red 'S' Badge

  84. Singer Featherweight San Francisco 1939-1940

  85. Singer Featherweight Texas Centennial - 1936

  86. Singer Sewing at the St. John's Factory, Quebec, Canada

  87. Singer Wrinkle (Crinkle) Featherweight 221

  88. The Free-Arm Featherweight 222K and How It Differs

  89. The Giant Schmetz Needle Tutorial

  90. The Importance of a Thread Stand on a Singer Featherweight

  91. The Standard Sewhandy, General Electric & Early Featherweight History

  92. The Tan Featherweight 221J or 221K

  93. The White Featherweight 221K

  94. Thread Cutter Fun Fact

  95. Threading a Singer Featherweight (Getting To Know Your Featherweight, Part 4)

  96. Timeline History of the Singer Featherweight

  97. Troubleshooting Stitch Problems (Skipped Stitches, Thread Looping, etc.)

  98. Using the 1/4" Narrow Hemmer for a Vintage Styled Apron

  99. Vintage Singer Attachments & Accessories

  100. Wobbly Rubber Bed Cushion Feet

  101. Zipper Feet - Regular or Invisible