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Below are some different websites and resources we would like to refer you to. Whether it be a group forum for fellow Featherweight enthusiasts, another Singer Sewing Machine collector with their own supply of goods for sale, or some of April's favorite fabric and pattern websites, it has been a pleasure to work with all that we list here.

Singer Featherweight Facebook Group - forum for Featherweight enthusiasts to share
ISMACS - International Sewing Machine and Collectors' Society
Featherweight Fanatics - pioneer FW page with links to the Featherweight Digest
Dave McCallum's Featherweight Rx - producer of "Those Fantastic Featherweights"
Glenn Williams - based in Florida, another good source for FW Service
David Werther - based in Texas, another reputable source for FW Service
Singer 301A Resource Page - a tribute to the 1st Slant Needle Sewing Machine
Singer Featherweights Revived - Rick Armao restores and paints Featherweights by special process*
Featherweights in Color - Gerald Holmes paints Featherweight machines in all sorts of colors*
Oliver + S - a Children's Pattern Company that April used to sew samples for

*Singer Featherweight machines were produced by the Singer company in black. white/green and tan only. Any other colors are the result of subsequent repainting. Graham Forsdyke did not deal in any repainted machines. While the two Featherweight restorers listed above come highly recommended by many of our customers, it does create a different buying market with as many repainted machines as there are available now. If a black, tan or white machine you are going to buy looks "brand new" but is being sold as all original, be inquisitive and do your research.

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